Clean Eating

August 29, 2011

Every day I write this blog, I get more excited about all the things I want to share and discuss on here.  I am continually inspired with new blog topics through conversations I have or things I see on the news.  Today is one such example.  Thanks to a friend’s facebook status announcing that CNN was doing a special on Bill Clinton’s new clean eating diet, I got to hear his transformation story.  He has had remarkable success treating and preventing cancer and heart disease through his clean eating.  His transformation has confirmed that clean eating may be far more helpful than traditional medical treatments and more effective than most people realize. 

I was reminded why I am so grateful to be a vegetarian-yes, I have been one for about 20 years and I am only 28:)  Bill Clinton said that he feels much better now that he has lost 24 pounds and he attributes all his success to changing his diet.  He went from a fast food junkie to a vegan (avoiding anything with a face or mother) and said he still enjoys what he eats! I have to agree with him-I love to eat too-it’s just that I love things like fruits, veges, beans and grains that most people wouldn’t say they love;)  

I may not be as strict as Bill Clinton-he is a vegan and eats no animal products/dairy/meat/eggs.  As a vegetarian, I don’t eat any meat/fish/chicken, but I do eat dairy/eggs.  I eat some pretty delicious meals (I would be happy to pass along some ideas) and I guess I like healthy, clean food so much because of how it makes me feel.  I rarely have digestive issues (except when I have been on mission trips;), stomach pain, or get sick and I have to attribute it all to how I eat. 

Most of you reading this are probably thinking, I love meat way too much to ever give it up!  You are probably also sitting there saying, Julie, you are crazy and need to get over your health kick.  My response to you is try it!!  I may never be able to convince you to become a vegetarian or change your eating habits, but I can guarantee that if you try eating clean and giving up meat for an extended period of time, you will feel a hundred times better!!  So, my challenge to you today is to try giving up junk food, fast food, soda, etc. for a couple weeks to start with.  After you give that up, try the vegetarian diet for a week or so (you need to make sure you still get enough healthy protein) and then you can tell me how you feel!

Food for Thought: Bill Clinton’s doctors said “by-pass surgery and typical medical solutions to diseases are ineffective, and that a wholesome plant based diet and healthy lifestyle is a lot more effective, not just for reversing heart diseases but most other chronic diseases.”  Check out this video!

How’s that for some pretty convincing evidence that clean eating can change your life?! 

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