Do What You Enjoy!

August 23, 2011
“If I don’t enjoy it, I don’t do it.” ~Me

That is something I said to a friend once and it has continued to stick with me for many reasons. Why do something you don’t enjoy?? I know this may be hard when you’re sitting at work, not enjoying your job, but that is why I chose to get out of the business world and pursue personal training-because I LOVE it!! So, my challenge to you today is not necessarily to get a job you love, but find an exercise or activity you enjoy and DO it!!  The reverse of my original quote also rings true-If you DO enjoy it, you will DO it! My other challenge to you today is- once you figure out what you enjoy doing, join a team, gym, league or group and start having fun participating in that activity on a regular basis.

For me that has been tennis. I love the feeling of hitting that tennis ball as hard as I can, getting sunshine/vitamin D, getting my stress out, having fun while competing, and MOST importantly-burning calories and sweating!

So what is that something you really enjoy doing for exercise? Biking, Running, Swimming, Paddleboarding, Hiking?? Get to it, have fun and burn calories all at the same time:) You will be having so much fun you won’t even realize you are exercising!

Food for Thought: According to, here is a list of popular activities and exercises that burn calories quickly…

Aerobics      115 calories/10 mins
Gardening    49 calories/10 mins
Racquetball  90 calories/10 mins

Running       131 calories/10 mins
Shopping     42 calories/10 mins
Volleyball     34 calories/10 mins
Climbing stairs   175 calories/10 mins
Basketball    90 calories/10 mins
Dance Exercise   109 calories/10 mins
Rope Skipping    121 calories/10 mins
Soccer         92 calories/10 mins

So, go DO what you enjoy!

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