Genius of Weights

August 31, 2011
I have to laugh thinking about writing this blog post because if you had asked me about lifting weights about six years ago, my response would be very different than it is today.  My journey to the point I am at now as a personal trainer started at a big gym in Matthews where I would go in every night and do lots of cardio on different machines (treadmill, elliptical, stair climber, etc.). 
In college I played volleyball and had a regular gym routine that included cardio and weight training.  I don’t think I realized at that point how important the weight training was because once I graduated, I got out of the habit of lifting weights.  When I started working and sitting at an office all day, I noticed I was gaining a few pounds.  So, I guess I did what most people do–I started doing lots of cardio like running because I thought that would burn the extra calories.  Nothing was changing though….but I just continued all the cardio every night until one day this personal trainer came up to me and said, “Have you ever considered doing some weight training in addition to your cardio?”  I laughed to myself because I thought, does she know who she is talking to?  I have played sports my whole life and know what I’m doing…ha!  I guess I was living in denial and thought I knew everything…I didn’t think weight training was for me and besides, I didn’t want to get big and bulky. 
For some reason I decided to let her share about weight training and I did a workout with her.  WOW! Was my world rocked!!  I listened to her tell me about the benefits of weight training (I will share more in the next few posts) and I was so sore the next few days.  I decided to sign up for a few months of personal training and that was the beginning of my journey to becoming a personal trainer.
As soon as I started working out with my trainer, I could tell it was making a difference.  My clothes starting getting big, my co-workers kept asking what I was doing because I was losing weight, and my family noticed a big difference!  Well, thanks to my first trainer, she had me hooked on weight training and it quickly became part of my regular workout routine.  Within about 5 months, I had lost 5% body fat and 10 pounds (I still have my original measurements)! 
To this day, I am incredibly grateful to the trainer who got me out of my workout rut and helped me realize how beneficial weight training is for SO many reasons!  Obviously it had such an impact on me that I decided I wanted to get certified myself so I can share the genius of weight training, eating healthy and how combining these key things can change your life!
Food for Thought:  Muscle tissue is biologically and metabolically active tissue and has high caloric demands-even at rest.  Under resting conditions, 10 pounds of muscle tissue, on average burns about 500 calories a day.  That was the secret I was missing and didn’t understand.  I now realize that by increasing my lean muscle through weight training, I am increasing my metabolism and increasing the calories burned every day!
To be continued…

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