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September 7, 2011
What is organic and why does it matter to me?  The other common question I get at the grocery store is from the cashier, “Does organic food taste better?”  In case you have ever asked these questions, I am here to help answer them today!  I was inspired to write about organic food after walking in BJ’s last night.  Ironically I went in to buy this awesome organic cheese they have and this sign/picture (see below) got my attention.
I’m guessing you have no clue what the hype with organic food is all about and you are thinking you do not want to spend any extra money on organic food.  Before you start thinking all these things, try to push all the misconceptions out of your head and just read what I am about to say first.  Here we go!  I first became aware that there was such a thing as organic food when I read Jordan Rubin’s book “The Maker’s Diet.”  Not only does he emphasize the importance of eating foods God designed for humans to eat, but he stresses the importance of eating organic food because it is healthier, cleaner and far better for us. 
I also remember watching the movie Food, Inc. which exposes the disturbing realities of the way animals are raised and what this means for the food we eat-YUCK!  If you’ve never seen this movie, you must go watch it…you will never view your food the same!!!  Also, check out this link for the movie and more information about this topic: http://www.foodincmovie.com/about-the-issues.php
My challenge to you today is to start researching the organic topic so you can become an educated consumer.  Go watch the movie Food, Inc. and learn how the average American diet is killing us.  Try to buy as much organic food as possible and if you can’t get organic, go for the all-natural foods. 
Here are a few questions you may be asking and answers:
Q:  Why Eat Organic? 
A:  Organic foods are grown and produced without the use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers.  Organic foods contain no artificial flavors or preservatives.  If you eat dairy/meat/chicken, the chemicals, drugs and growth hormones given to the animals are passed right to you.  Organic foods are more rich in vitamins and minerals.  You will have more energy because you will be consuming fewer toxins and chemicals.  Organic food tastes better!
Q:  Where can I buy Organic food at the best price?
A:  Trader Joe’s is the best place to find organic food at a great price!  Harris Teeter and Publix carry organic food/produce.  Harris Teeter even has it’s own brand (Harris Teeter Naturals) that is cheaper.  Wal-Mart also carries some organic food.
Q: What are some Organic brands?
A:  Cascadian Farm, Harris Teeter Naturals, Nature’s Path, Trader Joe’s, Stonyfield, Horizon, Organic Valley are just a few of the popular brands.
Food for Thought:  I once read online that if you ate the average apple, you would be consuming over 30 pesticides, even after washing it!   Now you can see why buying organic is so incredibly important for your health and future and is worth the extra money.  If you still aren’t convinced, watch the movie Food, Inc. and I can guarantee you will want to start buying organic!

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