Fasting Q & A

October 27, 2011

Thanks to my Guest Blogger, my mom Connie Apple, for this information!  She has years of experience fasting and has done extensive research on this topic.

Me: What is fasting?

Mom: Fasting is the most effective way to heal and rejuvenate the body. Juice fasting is more beneficial than a water fast because of the nutrients, vitamins, enzymes and vital elements that are quickly assimilated into the body without putting any strain on the digestive process. After the first three days of a juice fast the body will live on its own substance. Since there is no ingestion of proteins and fats, the body will begin to nourish itself on its own tissues by a process called autolysis, or self digestion. But by its God-given wisdom, the body does not do this indiscriminately! It will first decompose and burn those cells and tissues which are diseased, damaged, aged or dead, i.e. tumors and growths. Then excess fat is metabolized. Interestingly studies show that the protein levels of fasting individuals remains the same even though no protein is being consumed. Protein needed for new cells is being resynthesized from decomposed cells. This all seems unbelievable since no food is being consumed, but this is the remarkable chemistry of fasting!!

Me: Why fast?

Mom: Our bodies store the toxins that we consume daily in our fatty tissue. The first few days of a fast can be difficult because these toxins are being expelled and can cause headaches, offensive breath, dark urine and skin eruptions. As the fast progresses, energy levels increase as the body is getting a physiological rest from digestion.

Me: How do I fast?

Mom: I would recommend 10 days for “beginning fasters”. Fresh-squeezed, organic 100% fruit and vegetable juice is recommended, but bottled juice can also be used. Drink lots of water to help the elimination process.  Ten days is an adequate amount of time for rejuvenating and healing to take place. I suggest further research and study of fasting for cancer or other disease treatment.

There you have it friends.  Thank you to my mom for sharing your knowledge with us.  Please note that neither my mom or I are doctors so we are only sharing information with you. 

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