Today’s Recipe: Lemonade Fast

October 24, 2011
Feeling yucky, lethargic or weighed down after the weekend?  I have a great way to fight these feelings and clean yourself out!  The lemonade fast is an excellent way to clean out your intestines and colon.  You will drink “lemonade” for the next 10 days (no food will be eaten).  It doesn’t taste as good as regular lemonade, but you will feel so good once you’re done that you won’t care what it tastes like!
(Single Serving) 
*2 tbsp fresh-squeezed organic lemon juice (about 1/2 lemon)
*2 tbsp organic grade B maple syrup
*1/10 tsp or more organic cayenne pepper
*1 cup purified/spring water

(Entire Day’s Serving)

*Juice of 5 fresh-squeezed organic lemons
*1 1/4 cup organic grade B maple syrup
*1 tsp organic cayenne pepper
*10 cups purified/spring water

Mix all the ingredients and drink the “lemonade” every 1-2 hours.  In addition, make sure you drink lots of water!!  Your goal should be to drink all 10 cups per day and drink as much water as possible.  Follow this for the next 10 days and you will be all cleaned out!  It is best to do the single serving because the lemon juice will be fresh squeezed each time you drink the “lemonade,” but if that isn’t possible with your schedule, make the entire day’s serving in a pitcher and take it with you!

Food for Thought: There is a method to the madness for each ingredient in the “lemonade.”  The lemon juice aids in maintaining an acid-alkaline balance in your body during the fast.  The cayenne pepper cleans out mucus membranes and increases healthy blood flow.  100% grade B maple syrup is full of vitamins and minerals that are beneficial during the fast.  Use ALL organic ingredients; since the goal of this cleanse is to remove toxic substances from your body, stay away from ingredients that have been sprayed with pesticides.  Make sure to use fresh squeezed lemons (no bottled juice) and grade B maple syrup (not the sugar filled syrup used on pancakes). 
Please note that I am not a doctor and I’m only passing along information to you.  I recommend doing more research on the lemonade fast or feel free to ask me any questions…always happy to help! 

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