Fit Holiday Tips and Treats

November 30, 2011
“Treat Treats as Treats”
~Michael Pollan from Food Rules

Now that the holidays are upon us, saying no to treats is harder than ever! Christmas parties and holiday gatherings seem to lead to over indulgence of sweets and goodies.  Treats should not become a regular part of our diet, especially during the holidays.  Rather, they should be treated as treats…an occasional indulgence.

If you want to avoid holiday weight gain, you will have to stand firm and say no to the temptations.  The average person gains 7-10 pounds during the holidays and you do not want to be one of them!  Here are a few helpful tips to follow as you attend parties and the busyness of the holidays approaches:
  • Never go to a party with an empty stomach.  Fill up on a healthy meal or snack before you ever leave home.
  • Enjoy time with friends and family and focus on people rather than food.
  • Don’t skip your workouts, regardless of how busy you are.  Make it a priority.
  • Indulge with control.  Never participate in mindless munching.
  • Choose foods wisely.  Always choose fruits, veges, hummus, etc. instead of creamy dips or fried foods.
  • Steer clear of the alcohol.  Sip on water or club soda instead.
  • Bring your own treats.  Make a healthy alternative you will enjoy at a party.

Remember: Treat Treats as Treats!

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