Giving Thanks-His Perfect Gifts!

November 24, 2011

“Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows.”
~James 1:17

Today I am feeling very reflective and thankful for all the many ways God has blessed my life.  This past year has been an absolute blessing as I have experienced God’s incredible provision, love, grace, peace and perfect gifts that only HE can give.  Last year at this time I was seeking Him about career decisions and next steps.  This year, I am blessed to have a career that I love and a job that gives me energy and passion and I leave work each day feeling more alive!  Sometimes, especially today, I look back and think about how God brought me to this place.  I have endured times of frustration, disappointing losses, confusion and experienced many other emotions, jobs, and relationships, but through it all, God is sovereign and I knew He had a plan all along.  He does not change like shifting shadows, but rather He is unchangeable and will always be my constant Hope.  I may not have always understood why I worked at certain jobs or faced a particular trial, but I had confidence and trust that the Lord put me there for a purpose and time and would use it as a stepping stone and learning experience.  And WOW, that is exactly what He did and will continue to do!  God is the giver of perfect gifts and to Him be the glory!

My thanksgiving list:

*God’s love, grace, peace and provision
*Incredibly supportive and loving family
*Amazing friends
*Good Health and lots of energy
*Job that I love and clients that make it fun/rewarding
*Supportive Church and Community Group
*Parents/Grandparents who believe in me
*A sister who is an inspiration to me
*Stepping stones/jobs that have brought me to my career now
*College days and friends

Looking back at this list, what stands out is that most everything I’m thankful for are relationships, health and experiences/memories.  Not money or things.  On this thanksgiving, think of all the people, family and friends, who you are thankful for!  Try not to focus so much on things or food today.  Spend time sharing with your loved ones.  And, as a friend said, “add memories today, not pounds!”

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