Yoga What?!

November 10, 2011

I’ve been debating whether or not to write a blog on yoga because there is so much controversy surrounding it when looking at it from a spiritual perspective. However, I love taking yoga classes for many reasons, but it is not a spiritual thing for me-I simply look at it as exercise. So, after coming across an article recently about all the health benefits associated with yoga, I’ve decided to share with you several of the areas yoga can help you feel better and live healthier! Over the past few months, thanks to the yoga class at my gym, I have experienced many of these health benefits and I now understand why I love the class so much!

Here are the main areas where yoga is beneficial:

1. Improved Balance and Flexibility-this is extremely helpful to prevent injuries from day-to-day activities.

2. Increased Strength-even though weights are not used in yoga class, the weight-bearing postures help build muscle strength, bone strength and endurance. The core strength (abs and back) developed during yoga is incredible!

3. Relief from Chronic Pain-there is medical research and evidence proving that yoga can reduce pain from cancer, diseases and hypertension. The deep breathing during yoga reduces heart rate and blood pressure.

4. Better Breathing-slow and deep breathing is the focus during yoga. This breathing technique triggers the body’s relaxation response and improves lung function. Deep breathing also helps you to relax and boosts your mood!

5. Weight Loss-getting active and exercising leads to weight loss, but it is also motivation to start eating healthier and cleaner.

Increased Strength, Balance and Flexibility-these are just a couple of the areas where I have seen incredible improvement in my own body as I have been doing yoga! The stretching in yoga is phenomenal and I often feel like I have a whole new body after an hour in yoga class! If you are not the type of person who enjoys exercising, running or jumping around in classes at the gym, yoga may be a wonderful option for you.  I encourage you to try it out and experience how much better, stronger and healthier you will feel!

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