‘Twas The Day After Christmas…

December 26, 2011

‘Twas the day after Christmas and holiday parties were done, lots of food had been eaten and we’d had our fun.  Now, today is a new day and you can either keep pigging out or get back on track and start eating healthy and clean again.  The choice is yours, what will you decide?

I know the holidays are by far the most tempting and hardest time to say NO to food, but thankfully we only have one more big celebration left.  After next weekend, the January scramble to get back in shape and join a gym will take off! Today, however, is a great day to refocus.  My suggestion is to cut out two main things…1. Sugar and 2. Alcohol.  This may seem crazy because you are probably addicted to both at this point, but you will feel like a new person if you do.  I know my stomach is a mess when I eat sugar and I feel terrible the day after I’ve had just a drink or two.  As one of my clients said to me, “Just throw all the junk food away!”  I love this advice and suggest you do it…throw out all the desserts, candy, sugary snacks, etc. and just say NO to eating it.  The less you have in the house, the better off you will be.  Crazy, maybe…helpful, YES!! 

Food for Thought: Of course January is a great time to start, but why not go ahead and get yourself back together NOW and STOP pigging out today.  You could get a jump start on your weight loss goals and already lose a pound or 2 this week just by following the weight loss math (see 9/29 blog post).  Don’t let excuses keep you from your goals.  Don’t let food be your emotional crutch and definitely don’t let food control your life.  You need to make a bold decision today to say NO and just stop eating out of control!

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