Alcohol & Your Metabolism

January 6, 2012
As we head into our first weekend of 2012, what will you be doing?  If any of your plans include any alcoholic drinks, you may want to read this blog post first.  Tackling this topic is tough because everyone has their own opinion about alcohol…The key question people ask me is can I drink if I want to lose weight?  Is even 1 drink going to hamper my weight loss efforts? How much is too much? Where do you draw the line?  I felt like now was an appropriate time to discuss this topic since so many people’s resolutions and goals right now are to lose weight.  However, I’m warning you now, this post may make you mad.  As I tell my clients, “You may hate me now, but you will thank me later when you have reached your goals!”

So, let me start by sharing my inspiration for this blog post.  The other day one of my clients told me she is giving up alcohol for the month of January and I can’t tell you how excited I was to hear that!  Want to know why I was so excited??  Because alcohol and weight loss do not mix.  In fact, they are mortal enemies and anyone trying to lose weight needs to know what I’m about to explain.  You may already know this, but until recently I didn’t understand the severity of how alcohol prevents weight loss!  Not only are you getting the extra calories from alcohol, but it also slows the fat burning process.  What happens is that the alcohol you consume turns into acetate when it enters your body and immediately your body prioritizes burning off the alcohol calories instead of the carbs and fats.  So, it pretty much STOPS your metabolism and the natural fat burning process in order to eliminate the alcohol from your body.  Isn’t that just great?  All that exercising you’re doing and the healthy eating is basically cancelled out by the fact that your metabolism just stops as soon as you take a drink of alcohol:/ 

If you are getting frustrated because you can’t seem to lose any weight, you may want to think about cutting out the alcohol.  I have watched client after client struggle to lose weight.  They’re working out multiple times a week and eating healthy, yet they can’t seem to drop a pound.  After we challenge them to give up alcohol, it is amazing to watch the pounds come off and the scale drop!  If you don’t believe me, I challenge you to try it.  For this month, give up alcohol and watch how much faster you will reach your weight loss goals! 

Alcohol and weight loss do not mix!

2 thoughts on ““Alcohol & Your Metabolism”

  • Mel

    Thanks, girl! I read a while back (in the book Skinny B–ch) that vodka is especially bad for a women’s metabolism. I have a beach trip booked for the end of February and so NYE I had two drinks and then gave up alcohol until my vacation. It’s a total of 7 weeks and I’ll let you know how I do! Thanks for your advice–will make it easier to skip the bar on the weekends 🙂

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