The Green Monster

January 12, 2012

The other night as I was riding in my spin class, I randomly started getting excited about the seasoned brussels sprouts I had at home in my refrigerator waiting for me!  Yes, I know that is very weird that I was getting excited about vegetables and you can make fun of me all you want;)  However, after reading this post, hopefully you will understand my obsession with veggies and why you need to eat them too!
Here are a few tips and reasons to eat veggies:

*Make it easy for yourself.  Cut up the veggies and keep them in single serving containers.  Cutting up the veggies ahead of time and having them ready to eat makes all the difference for me because it is convenient.  Trader Joe’s is a perfect place to buy washed, cut and ready to eat bags of vegetables.  The seasoned brussels sprouts are amazing and come pre-washed and cut.  The garlic, olive oil and pepper is already on top-all you have to do is stick the brussels spouts in the oven!  Keep bags of fresh cut broccoli on hand and dip it in hummus.  Keep celery sticks handy so you can spread a little peanut butter on them for a healthy snack. 

*Get your vitamins everyday.  Vegetables provide the water-soluble vitamins that our bodies can’t produce on our own or can’t be stored.  So, eating veggies every day is critical so you get these essential vitamins like Vitamin C, Folic Acid and the B Vitamins.

*Fill up on fiber.  Veggies provide a ton of fiber which is helpful for digestion and keeping your system clean.  We all need fiber everyday so make sure you’re eating your greens!  Food will pass through your system and come out a lot quicker/easier if you’re getting more fiber;)

Food for Thought:  Vegetables are low in calories which makes it hard to gain weight if you overeat them.  On average, a cup of vegetables has only 50 calories. Good thing! The other night I ate all 3 servings of the brussels sprouts…YUM!  At least I am overeating the healthy stuff.  I’d rather you overeat the healthy stuff too instead of the rich, greasy food we’re so accustomed to in the United States. 

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