Live Out of Your Imagination

March 8, 2012

“Live out of your imagination, not your history”~Stephen Covey

This is a great quote that a client passed on to me earlier this week.  I was so encouraged to read what my client is reminding herself: As I push  towards healthier eating, working out regularly and transforming my life, I must remember to live out of my imagination, not my history!

Don’t continue to live in the past or let your history guide your future.  Imagine what you can become and go for it.  If you have weight loss goals, divide them up into small goals and make them do-able.  If you want to live healthier, change what you eat, work out and get more sleep.  Close your eyes and picture yourself as the new person you want to be, whether that means losing 5 pounds or 100 pounds.  What is holding you back from becoming that person?  You may be stuck in a rut and and can’t imagine life any different, but my challenge for you today is to put the past behind you and live out of your imagination!  A whole new world will be opened up to you!!

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