March 2, 2012

Right now I am loving this little tracking tool, MyFitnessPal! It’s a great way to track the food you’re eating and calories you burn exercising. There is even a barcode scanner that allows you to scan everything you eat!  Connect with other friends by inviting each other to become friends.  It totals your daily calories, carbs, protein, fat, etc. so you can easily see if you’re getting the right amount of certain foods and nutrients.  Create a free account on or on your smartphone app.  Have fun with this cool tool!

Food for Thought: Tracking the food you eat shows patterns and reality.  There is something about journaling/tracking that reveals truth so we can make necessary changes to our diet.  I know from my own experience that I realized I wasn’t eating enough protein after I started tracking my daily food for a couple weeks.  Oftentimes people are eating all the wrong foods to fill them up and not enough of the healthy foods that will give your body energy.  I am a huge advocate of food journaling because I have seen how it can make a big difference in weight loss. 

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