Disease Defeated

January 28, 2014

I was so inspired by a friend’s health miracle that I wanted to share his story.  There is hope when you’ve been told you have diabetes or any disease for that matter!  This is incredible and inspiring…


I just sat there. Drivers seat. Right behind Taco Bell in the mall parking lot. It must’ve been 103 outside. Literally. Some homeless guy appeared to be frying eggs on the ground it was so hot. I was speechless and almost in a daze. An hour and a half went by. This was about the lowest I’d been. She left a month ago with not so much as a reason for her random decision to leave everything she held dear and committed to, or so I thought, right.
It’s nearly wiped me out. It’s torn out my heart so deeply and painfully, I wouldn’t make it if not for two truths. I know where I’m going, even if I need to audition a new partner and I know my maker can keep me from quitting and melting.
These days I just listen to sermons from Joel and go running. I don’t have much clarity about much else. I will say I’ve met some pretty kind people who have injected compassion into this crushed man.
Maybe that’s what brought on the stress, the knots. The issues. Satan or one of his little workers of iniquity, has been whispering to me you’re sick. You are diabetic. I’ve heard it a lot. It wasn’t even a shock when I was told I did, in fact, have it, and other stuff.
For some crazy reason I wasted months letting it get worse. Blood pressure up. Couldn’t lose belly fat no matter how many crunches.
I’m sitting at a cafe and the lights inside started dimming. Seeing stars. Feeling flush. Feeling weaker every breath. I’m slipping into a blood sugar crash. Maybe I didn’t eat recently enough. My hands fall. My words jumble. If this has never happened to you this side of college drink offs, may it never. It’s disturbing. You can’t control your strength. It’s wiped. And you can wake up tomorrow in a hospital. Or not at all as some did. I hurt. I had a dozen of these dark moments.
I don’t enjoy life much. I’ve got no drive. I’m missing out on thousands of dollars. For real. I can’t gain muscle. I’m never hungry. Yet I’m jittery and often hyper at night. I wake up like the city bus hit me. Multiple times. Sore. Dragging. Lethargic. A normal human spends their ‘battery’ till bedtime. I have to fight to get any juice in the battery throughout the day. It takes 8 hours to feel somewhat clear. All else is a brainfog.
I walk around knowing deep down I’m a warrior. But my body says that’s a fairy tale. At the gym, I never have any strength or rage like a man should. Ever felt like that aura that makes you alive is flickering out? That your system is a tiny fraction the vitality your beliefs are? It’s indescribable. But I keep at it.
I won’t reduce my warrior machine to insulin meds and check ups and a title. I can beat this.
After watching firsthand my best friend Ty start a Paleo lifestyle to cleanse and gain energy, in time he lost 73 pounds, maybe more. He was sizes different. Smaller. He felt like a million bucks. Year 4 of camp, I was tired, lethargic and lazy. My mind was good, but my body didn’t want to participate. But I looked at Ty. I decided then that I’ve had it.
I read. I researched. I stayed accountable with Ty. I was making progress.
No more sugar. No more wheat. No more gluten. Donuts. Pasta. Wraps. Spaghetti. Basically all that tasty delicious stuff. All that’s yummy.
Soon, all the inflammation started subsiding drastically. My wrists, which throbbed, stopped hurting. Energy was improving. But I still had real great days and real awful days. Why?
Keep at it.
You will always have diabetes they said. You need meds. You can’t reverse that. Live with it.
No thanks.
Hey ya wanna come to the whitewater center? Want to do a run? Want to play…whatever.
No, I have plans. Yea right. I just can’t hack it. I feel like crap.
These up and down battles came.
But I somehow knew deep down I was chipping away at the giant. The beast of diabetes. Whittling away this obstacle.
Something really broke around 4 months in. I’m feeling momentum. More energy. Less ache. More drive. Staying totally consistent at the gym but not doing anything extreme. It’s my diet. I am finding tremendous nutrition from Nutrilite’s products, Double X Multi, D3, Omega Fish Oils, Glucose Health.
Here’s what I eat..
Turkey. Bacon. Avocado. Spinach. Asparagus. Red meat. Chicken. sushi.
Lots of water. Coconut oil. Almond milk. No sugar. Butter. Yes butter. Fats.
sweet potato, cinnamon at intervals, green smoothies.
To win, I can overcome the alluring voice tempting me with sissy food. Cupcakes, bread, candy, whatever. Warriors don’t eat this.
It’s time for bloodwork again. Maybe I will see some progress?
I walk in this morning..They show me the numbers. The only thing that needs improvement is bad cholesterol.
YES! It has been reversed. I’m getting excited. The doc is confused. It’s like he thinks I’m telling him a stretched story. This is oddly uncommon that a person defies the stats and the trend by rejecting medicine and choosing to chart unknown waters to fixing their problem with food. (Isn’t that much of what got me there to start with..food?)
You know I’ve been eating Paleo, and I was diagnosed based on tests and blood-work before, but I purposed in my heart Doc to reverse this through knowledge of real food. I’ve done it. No, you couldn’t have had this. There’s no sign of it.
Exactly! Not now. He wasn’t along for the battle, ,the hurt, the difficulty of it all.
He couldn’t process this reality this morning. And that made it all the more sweet.
Know this: No one can tell me, or tell you that if you set your mind to it, we can’t overcome even the most pressing attacks on our health, disease, diabetes, cancer. I’ve done it, my friends have done it. And countless others are choosing the empowered natural route.
Be brave. Be courageous. Be different.
And dig deep, both inside and in the research. You will find it’s very realistic.
You will need to drum up some self discipline. And take a break from the sugar, the junk, the cheating, the gluttony, the lust for food. Eat to live, not live to eat. Dodge gluten, dodge whites, dodge the processed, factory Frankenfood. Reject the simple fast acting sugary starches and carbs.
How true it is: You are what you Eat. It’s that simple.
The great relief is you aren’t broken. You aren’t failing at reaching a million crunches- you just need to cleanse your body. It needs a break and it needs living fuel. It needs nutrients. You are starving to death. In the most food rich nation, you sure are. I was. Most everyone is. The power is on your fork. And the words are in your mouth to declare you are healed.
I feel so free. I thank Jesus for His goodness and being always faithful.
Now, on to the next challenge!
Founder HowFreeAreWe
REFERENCE: Most all of what I know is thanks to the proven truths at NaturalNews.com, Julie of JappleFitness.com, the hours of accountability with Ty, such support from Thom Zwawa, another victor of this evil disease and following the caveman way of eating, Paleo. Checkout Abel James, the Fat Burning Man.

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