Don’t plan to fail!

January 7, 2014
“If you fail to plan, you pretty much plan to fail.” – Jillian Michaels

This is one of my all time favorite quotes because it just tells it like it is!  If you don’t plan ahead, you’re setting yourself up for disaster, especially in the area of food.  I tell clients this all the time–prepare ahead on the weekends or pick a day of the week to buy your groceries, wash, cut and store your food for the coming week.  If you can get in the habit you won’t be left empty handed when you get home from work or after a long day of shuttling kids all over town.

I typically go grocery shopping a couple times a week for the basics.  I use the weekends to wash, prepare and get my food ready for the weekdays.  I make sure I have enough Greek yogurts, fruit, veggies, eggs, protein, etc. in the fridge to carry me through the week.  This way I can pack my lunchbox each morning or night as I prepare for the day.  I pack my lunch when I’m getting ready for work, but it may work better for you to spend 5 minutes each night getting your breakfast ready for the morning and packing your lunch.  And YES, I pack my lunchbox EVERY day including the weekends because I want to make sure I have snacks available between tennis practices, running errands or whatever comes up on the weekends!

Whatever works best for you, make it a habit by continuing that each day.  These pictures make it clear how prepared you can be.  Don’t be a victim of failing to plan–leaving you empty handed and having to hit the drive through because you didn’t prepare.  Save yourself the calories and regret!

Some snack ideas:
-Apple/Banana/Celery with 1 tbsp Almond Butter
-2 WASA crackers with 1 light string cheese
-Hard boiled egg with mustard
-Greek Yogurt (get the lowest sugar possible)
-Cottage Cheese
-Low sodium deli turkey and 1 light string cheese
-Brown rice cake with 1 tbsp Almond Butter
-Handful of nuts and piece of fruit

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