fitbit Action

January 21, 2014
I decided a couple weeks ago it was time to get in on the fitbit action!  Over the Christmas holiday I had several friends and clients telling me all about this gadget that tracks your calories, steps, sleeping patterns and much more.  So, I ordered the fitbit one off amazon (around $100) and have been loving it!  It’s super easy to get set up on your iPhone or iPad and it syncs multiple times a day to your phone so you can see your up-to-date stats.  I think the greatest part of this gadget is that it helps you stay focused throughout the day–eating healthy and getting in more activity!

Here is a picture from my phone showing how many steps I’d taken, miles walked, floors climbed, active minutes and calories eaten. You can easily set it to sync with MyFitnessPal or any of the main calorie tracking apps and it loads how many calories you’ve eaten into your fitbit app. This way you can see how much you’ve burned during the day and how much you’ve consumed– allowing you to see your calorie deficit or surplus.  This will in turn help you reach your fitness/weight goals by making sure you’re staying in the right calorie range.
Another impressive feature of the fitbit is the sleep tracker that shows you how many minutes during the night you’re restless or awake.  Wow, what a rude awakening (no pun intended) to see how poor my sleep really is throughout the night.  Check out this picture showing how many times I was restless or awake. It has made me very aware of the fact that I’m not getting enough sleep each night. So, I have been making it a goal to get 7-8 hours of sleep a night!

The fitbit makes fitness fun and easy! You should try it…you may just find yourself addicted like me 🙂

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