Food is Fuel

February 25, 2014
What is food to you?  Happiness, entertainment, fun, social, comfort, stress reliever or maybe just FUEL?
I recently read an article from a popular magazine about one TV news anchor and her journey to lose weight.  Her story is motivating, inspiring and real. Check it out here!
My favorite quote from her story is “Food is fuel; it does not have to be amazing, entertaining, or exciting.  Each meal does not have to be like a trip to the county fair or a fantasy segment of Top Chef.”  In America, we have become accustomed to eating when we are happy and want to celebrate, eating when we are stressed, eating when we are bored and of course when we have big family get-togethers it calls for a huge feast!  Can we all agree we have taken food to an extreme?!?  What we need to remember is food is just fuel God created for our bodies to operate efficiently. Just like our cars need fuel, so do our bodies. If we could just remember the real purpose of food, we would reduce a lot of the weight/obesity problems we struggle with in the US.  Every time I eat something, I ask myself, “Is this going to be nourishing and satisfying?”
If not, why waste the calories…
My solution for you is to let exercise be your stress reliever instead of food.  Start getting active, even if that means walking around the block. Each week make your goal to walk a little farther, lift a little more weight or add another day to your workout plan! You will soon notice that when you are stressed out and go for a walk, the stress becomes less and life seems more manageable. I promise because I am living proof that exercise reduces stress. It has been my saving grace during stressful life events and particularly challenging days.  The day I lost my job a few years ago, I still played tennis as scheduled and made sure to hit the gym for my workout.  If I ever needed a workout, it was that day!  The same goes for you.  My clients agree and even after just a few weeks of working out they come back celebrating they feel so much better and much less stressed.
That just makes my day to hear that:)
I would love to help you get in a workout routine and also get focused with food. If you need some help getting started, join me for a 7 Week Challenge.  Starting this Saturday, March 1st I’m cutting out all added sugar (desserts, coffee drinks, chocolate, etc.)  I plan to continue this until Easter and line it up with lent. I’d love for you to commit to this challenge as well!  Refocus your time on what really matters and what will help you reach your fitness goals.  I know sugar isn’t helping me so it’s time to CUT IT OUT!  Are you ready?!

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