You Can’t Out-Exercise your Fork

February 11, 2014

Whenever I ask my clients if it is easier to work out or eat healthy, the most common answer is that it is definitely easier to work out.  We are all programmed to take the path of least resistance and making healthy food choices seems to be the harder road and bigger challenge for most Americans.  Why is this??  I would attribute it to all the tempting sugary and processed foods thrown in our faces 24/7.  No matter where you go or what you do, the next milkshake commercial, Starbucks email, or fast food flyer is coming your way!  We all too often fall for the marketing ploys and don’t even realize what we are eating.  Our bodies were designed to eat healthy, living, natural foods so we feel alive, strong and stay healthy–not the processed, sodium and sugar filled “food like products” so common in our culture.  Seeing the obesity rate in the United States confirms what area most people need accountability–FOOD!

There are a lot of challenges to eating healthy…our crazy schedules, living on the run, fast food convenience, etc.  We all have excuses, we just need to learn how to plan ahead and how to avoid the temptations that cause us to sabotage ourselves.  The other big mistake we make is thinking we can give in to the food because we will be able to burn it off later.  NOT so!!!  Here is the truth folks: You CANNOT work off a bad diet! The fork will always win that battle so don’t fool yourself.

As much as we think we will be able to burn off the glass of wine or piece of cake, it’s not possible to get ahead.  A great example of this is the burpee equivalents for all the junk food–check this out!!(

For one slice of pizza, you would have to do around 270 burpees to burn off the calories you consumed.  Not a fun trade huh?  Well have a slice of cheesecake and you will be doing about 1000 burpees to burn that off…CRAZY!

Don’t let the fork win the battle anymore.  Take control of your eating.  Start buying your real food at the grocery store, planning ahead and making meals at home. You will save yourself a lot of money, calories and time in the gym.  That sounds like a good payoff to me!

Sidenote:  I’m not saying to stop working out 😉  We all need that to stay healthy too.  I’m just suggesting that you spend less time in the gym trying to burn off all the junk food and empty calories we consume.

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