Healthy to the Core

April 8, 2014

A little over 3 years ago I started brainstorming what my personal training and nutrition coaching business would look like one day–possible business names and tag lines, how would I be able to help people and where would all this take place! Well, in 2014, my dreams and brainstorming have become reality and what an awesome experience it has been so far. I’ve already seen some incredible transformations in just a few months as I’ve coached clients to make working out and eating healthy a part of their daily routine.  More pictures and testimonials to come in future blog posts!

This post is devoted to the importance of the tag line of my business — “Healthy to the Core.” I’m sure you can already see the double (or triple) meaning behind this tag line. #1. “Core” in regards to fitness is key  #2. “Core” of an apple is the basis for healthy eating and #3. Apple is my last name:)
A friend of mine helped me create the tag line and it fits so well because fitness and nutrition must go together for optimal results.

Let’s start with the importance of training our core.  Our middle section or core is composed of the area around our stomach, waist, spine and back.  The core is where our center of gravity is located and where all our movement begins. It helps keep us stable and balanced, whether you’re playing sports or just doing normal day-to-day activities.  A strong core helps prevent injuries, especially back injuries.  I see it every day that people with weak abdominal and core muscles tend to have lower back pain and issues.  The stronger your core, the fewer back and body issues you will have!

Building muscle is essential to help boost your metabolism so you get an exponential calorie burn throughout the day and night.  After a weight training session, you can be sitting on the couch burning calories because your body is rebuilding the torn down muscle fibers and it takes calories to rebuild them. Build lean muscle and you’ll be burning far more calories every day and that metabolism boost will work in your favor.

Healthy, clean eating is also critical for weight loss and toning.  You can work out all day (if you had the time) but until you cut out junk food/ sugar/ fat/ fried/ fast food, you mine as well kiss results goodbye.  The weight will melt off your body when you change your eating habits!  Then you can see the muscle you’ve been building under the layer of fat.  All the sudden your whole body looks transformed because you’re now lean and muscular.

Choose good food during the day like fruits, veggies, whole grains, oats, chicken, greek yogurt, nuts, avocado, etc. to help provide your body with the fuel it needs.  Apples are one of my favorites and provide a ton of nutritional benefits–they are packed with fiber, vitamins A & C, potassium, can help lower cholesterol, etc.  There’s truth in the saying “An apple a day keeps the doctor away!”

Are you living “Healthy to the Core”?!

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