When You Start The Day Right…

April 22, 2014
“When you start the day right, you stay right!”
I heard this commercial the other day and I couldn’t help but thinking, REALLY??? Is that how you start the day right?  Drinking Dunkin’ Donuts Coffee Creamer?? Haha…  Well, this is the world we live in and starting the day right means getting your morning coffee and now there is Dunkin’ Donuts coffee creamer available to buy at the grocery store.
I have to agree with one part of this commercial–“when you start the day right, you stay right!” I know this is true in my own life and my clients.  Starting the day right does impact the rest of your day.  When you plan ahead and eat a healthy breakfast in the morning, your success the rest of the day usually follows.  However, if you fail to plan and skip breakfast, the rest of your day is usually just as hit or miss with food.  I recently had a conversation with a client who reiterated the truth of this statement.  While recapping and telling me about her prior week, we noticed a trend that the days she prepared and ate a good breakfast, the rest of her day went well and she ate all her snacks and meals. However, we realized that the days where she was running late in the morning and missed her breakfast, the rest of the day was just as chaotic and she found herself eating whatever she could either find or buy on the run.  Clearly, the more you plan and have food ready for the week, the better each day will be!
Starting the day off right means eating a healthy, filling breakfast of lean protein, complex carbs and a little healthy fat.  It doesn’t mean getting your caffeine fix from coffee and sugar fix from the creamer! 😉 Instead, your goal should be to eat a healthy breakfast within an hour of waking to get your metabolism going in the morning.  Make it a priority to eat breakfast–skipping breakfast is one of the BIGGEST mistakes you can make if you’re trying to lose weight.  Your metabolism needs the morning boost from your breakfast!  Good breakfast options include eggs with turkey, protein shakes, oatmeal with protein powder, fruit with plain nonfat Greek yogurt, etc.  You should get your energy from the food you eat and workouts you complete so you aren’t dependent on coffee, caffeine and high sugar creamers!

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