A Gallon a Day

May 27, 2014

And we’re talking a gallon of water that is!  What’s in your hand right now?  My first guess is a cup of coffee and my second guess is a Diet Coke…keep reading!! Our bodies are designed to function on pure water, but we tend to survive on every drink other than water….soda, juice, alcohol, you name it.  The minimum amount of water we need a day is about 64oz, but you should shoot to have a gallon a day. Think of a milk gallon container and that’s your goal every day 🙂

As the weather keeps warming up, it’s even more critical we keep our bodies hydrated!  Water makes up about 60% (some sources even say 80%) of our body weight and keeps our bodies functioning.  It flushes toxins out, carries nutrients and helps you feel better! Wondering why you’re tired in the middle of the day??  Wondering why you get sick all the time?? Probably because you’re dehydrated!  In case you’re a skeptic, here’s a great article from bodybuilding.com that will convince you to drink more water: http://www.bodybuilding.com/fun/clark2.htm

We need to make sure we have water handy all the time.  Keep a water bottle filled throughout the day so you’re always prepared.  If you work in an office, you’re fortunate because you should have access to water all the time.  Keep that bottle full–NO excuses!  Set an alarm on your computer or phone to remind you to drink every hour if that will help you.  If you’re like me and live on the run, keep a water bottle in your car and fill it everywhere you can (Target, restaurants, convenient stores, etc).


I was impressed when I was in the Charlotte airport a couple weeks ago and they had these convenient water fountains to fill water bottles.  Check this out! Now this is my kind of water fountain–put your bottle under and it automatically fills it up 🙂  Perfect way to stay hydrated if you travel and are in and out of airports.  So take advantage of these convenient water fountains and get in the habit of drinking (MORE WATER) every day.  Dare you to try it and see how much better you feel!

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