What is Success?

May 6, 2014

“Failure does not lie in falling down, only in staying down.” ~Melina Jampolis, MD

Recently I was talking to a client about her goals and what success really looks like.  While talking, I was reminded of the quote above about failure and it resonated with me for several reasons. We are all going to fail at some point, but it’s what our next step is after we fall that really impacts the future.  We want our life to look like the nice straight line leading up, but really our lives look like a bunch of zig zag lines that eventually lead to success–check out the picture! How true is this?

We all have goals, dreams and an idea of when and how we will be successful.  What I emphasized to my client during our conversation is that we each get to our goals at a different pace.  The key is that you’re heading in the right direction and making progress!  If you stay persistent, you will eventually get to your goals.  There will be setbacks, there will be frustrations, and there will be challenges–we can count on that!  But, real success is getting back up after failing and continuing to pursue the goal and push forward.

Another favorite quote is “no matter how slow you go, you’re still lapping everyone on the couch!”  As far as working out and reaching your fitness goals, it’s better to be active and moving than never starting and just sitting on the couch;)  I teach my clients there has to be balance in life.  Enjoy a free meal or day and then get right back on track eating clean and healthy!  If you blow it one day and eat too much junk food, pick yourself up and get back on the track the next day.  Don’t always say you’ll start over on Monday.  Mondays will keep coming and going and you’ll never start over!  Don’t let a few failures or mistakes keep you down.

What are your goals and are you making progress towards them?  Do you have a purpose that is guiding your decisions?  Keep those goals in the forefront of you mind and take steps every day that will put you on track to reaching them!

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