12 Habits of People Who ALWAYS Stay Fit

June 24, 2014

I came across an article this past weekend that I loved so much, I wanted to put the list on my blog.  Let me emphasize that being Fit is a lifestyle we choose!  It does not mean overnight results, but rather daily wise choices that lead to a lifetime of success and staying fit.  As a friend said, “When people ask me what I’m training for, I tell them — Life!”  Now that’s the best answer and perspective:)

1. Exercise even if you only have 15 minutes to do it.

2. Invest in a fitness tracker to help determine your activity level outside of the gym.

3. Mix up your routine.

4. Instead of skipping a workout, focus on how great you’ll feel after.

5. Don’t wait for an occasion to get in shape.  Fitness is a lifestyle!!!!!  Waiting until an anniversary, reunion, etc. will just create unrealistic expectations and make you feel unsuccessful… when you’ve actually made great progress!

6. Eat. REAL FOOD. Everything in moderation!

7. Keep weeknight drinking to a minimum.  Save it for the weekend when you have more time and energy.

8. Work out at home if you can’t get to a gym.  Even a workout DVD or on-demand is better than nothing!

9. Exercise when you’re sore.  You don’t have to go crazy and do heavy weight-lifting, but light cardio can help soreness.

10. Focus on how you want to feel rather than how you want to look.

11. Remember that the main goal isn’t to run 10 miles a day, it’s just to do something physical. If you can just get to the gym, you’ll probably end up staying longer than you original thought.

12. Get sleep. Get LOTS of sleep.  Proper rest is crucial to see the results you want.

13. Celebrate your progress and don’t beat yourself up when you still have more work to do! Fitness is about the journey, not achieving perfection.

Check out the article here:

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