Check That Menu!

June 10, 2014

What is your favorite restaurant? Have you ever looked at the website for their nutrition information before eating out?  Well, I have a little task for you.  Right now, think of your favorite restaurant and go to their website.  Find their menu/nutrition information link and check out your favorite meal!  How much fat/calories does it have?  How much sodium?  If you’re like me and my clients, you will be totally SHOCKED at what you find!!!!

I’ve looked at some popular restaurants’ menus–Pei Wei, Zoe’s Kitchen, Newk’s–are just a couple and you will blown away by how much fat and sodium are in most of the menu items. The danger with eating out is that you have no idea what the ingredients are or how the food is prepared.  Even the food that sounds healthy is loaded with fat and sodium.  Salads can be one of the worst because of the fattening dressings!

Sodium is probably one of the most common at restaurants.  Have you ever noticed after eating out that your rings seem tighter or your ankles seem swollen?  Well that would be your body retaining water from all the sodium. Here’s the problem with sodium:  it can lead to high blood pressure, heart failure, headaches, weight gain and bloating.  Americans should keep their sodium levels below 2,000 mg of sodium (some sources say 1500 mg).  If you start paying attention to the food you eat (at home and out), you will notice how much you’re actually consuming.  ONE meal at your favorite restaurant likely has the amount of sodium you should have in a WHOLE day!  Check out this article from the American Heart Association that recaps the danger of excess sodium:

The best thing you can do is pull up the menu on your phone before eating out and find the healthiest meals.  Get educated and start paying attention to the ingredients and nutrition facts! Prepare your own meals at home and eat out less often. This will save you a ton of sodium, fat and calories–not to mention–reduce your blood pressure and improve your health 🙂

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