Sweet Treat Trade…Fruit Popsicles

July 15, 2014

It’s hot outside and that means we’re all looking for something refreshing to cool us down.  How about making some popsicles at home that satisfy your sweet tooth and even have some health benefits?!  Skip the rich ice cream or sugar-filled frozen yogurt.  Your kids will love these–especially picking out their own fruit and making them 🙂  Here are a couple recipe ideas:

Watermelon Whole Fruit Popsicles

You can replace the watermelon puree with honeydew melon or cantaloupe puree.  Use any fresh organic fruit you have on hand.  I like using contrasting colors because it makes the popsicles look so pretty! And don’t forget to use seedless watermelon.

3 cups watermelon puree (about 1/4 to 1/2 a watermelon)
1/2 cup fresh blueberries
1/2 cup chopped fresh strawberries
1 kiwi, peeled and sliced
1 peach or nectarine, diced small
Handful fresh cherries, pitted and chopped

Cut the watermelon into chunks and then puree it in a blender unit smooth.  Set aside.  Set out about 1 dozen popsicle molds (amount needed will vary depending on size of molds).  Fill each one with the chopped fresh fruit.  Then pour in the watermelon puree until each mold is full to the top.  Place a popsicle stick into each one.  Place into freezer and freeze for about 6-8 hours.

When ready to serve, run the popsicle molds under warm water for a few seconds and then pull each one out. Enjoy!

Source: www.nourishingmeals.com

Coconut Water Fruit Popsicles
(Makes 8 Popsicles)

What you’ll need:
-2 cups coconut water
-2 cups fruit
-Popsicle molds

What you’ll do:
Cut up fruit into small pieces. Place fruit in the popsicle molds to about 3/4 full.  Pour the coconut water over the fruit, filling it the rest of the way.  Freeze for about 5-8 hours. Enjoy!

Source: www.heidipowell.net

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