Importance of Recovery

August 26, 2014
“Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live.” -Jim Rohn

The other morning I woke up barely able to move my neck and my knees hurt as soon as my feet hit the floor!  UGHHH…I’m getting old was my first thought and then I just went about my day trying to ignore the pain in my neck.  Well, a week later with the pain spreading, I decided I better take it seriously and figure out what was going on…

During a conversation with a friend, who reminded me how much foam rolling continues to help him, it dawned on me what was happening!  I realized that I had been neglecting my own recovery, rolling and stretching and it was taking a toll on my body.  In the busy-ness of my life and crazy schedule, I had missed yoga for almost 3 weeks and I wasn’t rolling every day anymore.  Shame on me! My body was rebelling big time:/ Working out 5-6 days a week–running, spinning, kettle bells, TRX and weight training–had caught up to me and my body was feeling the effects.

SO, back to yoga class I went and I put the foam roller in the middle of my living room floor so I would see it and roll.  After just a few days of getting back into the recovery and rolling routine, I am already feeling like a new person again!  The pain in my neck is gone and my knees are starting to feel better.  Up until a couple weeks ago, my body always felt good and I didn’t know what it felt like to live in pain. BUT, I quickly learned how different life is when you’re not feeling good and don’t take care of yourself.  So, I have been making it a priority to roll at least once a day on the foam roller (see earlier post on foam rolling) and get to yoga at least once a week (hoping to go more often).  The knots are worked out when I roll and the stretching during yoga helps keep my body limber and flexible.  I am a big fan of both rolling and yoga!!

If you’ve never tried rolling or yoga, you have no idea what you’re missing!! Your body will feel renewed and recovered if you make them a regular practice.  Think of recovery for your body like an oil change for your car.  You can’t expect your car to keep running problem free if you don’t get regular oil changes.  Same for your body! Foam rolling shouldn’t just be used when you have pain–rather, it should be used all the time as a way to prevent injury!  Yoga will help you deal with stress, keep your mind focused and improve your flexibility.  Check out these articles on some of the benefits of yoga and foam rolling 🙂’s%20Your%20Yoga%20Style%3F%207/30

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