5 Pounds…Grapefruits vs. Tangerines

September 16, 2014

Ever seen what 5 pounds of muscle looks like compared to 5 pounds of fat?  Go to your pantry and pick up a bag of sugar or flour.  How much do you think that weighs?  Well, that would be about 5 pounds!  Most people are surprised by how heavy that feels.  So, here’s a couple perspectives on that 5 pounds that will encourage you to get to work and also help you realize you need to celebrate every 5 pounds you lose!

One perspective to think about is weight loss.  Think about how hard you’re working…5 pounds weighs a lot!  1 pound = 4 sticks of butter so if you lose 5 pounds, that’s 20 sticks of butter.  That’s quite a lot of weight if you put it in that perspective.  Keep working out and eating clean and those sticks of butter will melt off your body and add up big time!

Now, the other perspective to think about is how much space that 5 pounds of fat takes up compared to 5 pounds of muscle.  Check out the difference between the space 3 grapefruits take up in your belly compared to 3 tangerines.  That’s pretty unreal isn’t it?  Muscle is lean and tight and takes up less space in your body.  That’s why as you build muscle and lose fat, your measurements and inches will decrease.  However, muscle is more dense so you may actually see the scale increase as you build muscle.  The key is that your clothes will start to fit better and you will look more lean!

It’s critical to work out AND eat clean to get the best results!  Working out will build lean, defined muscle.  Eating clean will help the fat melt off your body so you can see that muscle you’re building.  Put them together and you have a totally transformed body shape, size and look.  Doesn’t that sound appealing and worth the effort?

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