Be Stronger than Your Excuses

October 14, 2014

Excuses steal results. Excuses steal passion. Excuses steal hope.  Don’t let excuses win the battle!  They come up every day–multiple times a day and try to convince us that we can’t do it, we won’t make it or we aren’t good enough.  Don’t listen to that voice.  Be stronger than your excuses because the only way to get results is to DO IT!

This past weekend I was reminded of the power of excuses and could not have been more inspired by a client! When I ran into her she was in a boot, thanks to a tennis injury :/ As she was telling me what happened, I thought to myself, she could so easily take the lazy road now that she can’t work out for a few weeks. But here’s what she said–“my doctor said I can swim so that is going to be my saving grace!” Hats off to this client who is going to keep pushing to her goals despite the hurdles and bumps. I know she is determined and WILL get there.

Do you have that determination and drive?? Her goals and determination are stronger than her excuses and nothing will STOP her! Follow her lead and stop listening to the voice telling you can’t do it, you’re a lost cause, you’re too overweight or you’re not good enough!  That’s a lie that will keep you from getting fit, healthy and feeling better. It’s time to DO IT!


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