Strive For Progress

October 21, 2014

We are all a work in progress!  Not one of us will ever be perfect and no matter where you are in the journey, strive for progress.  Striving for perfection can ruin your results and prevent you for reaching your goals because if you make one mistake, you feel like a failure.
I encourage my clients to set small goals and one ultimate goal. Having smaller goals allows you to see progress and keep pushing to your ultimate goal. Be realistic about what you want to accomplish and set a time frame.  Work up to them.  Goals should be SMART:


If you haven’t worked out in a long time, set a goal to be active a couple times a week for maybe 15 minutes.  Then each week work up to a longer duration or higher intensity.  Don’t immediately set a goal to workout every day this week because you may be setting yourself up for failure.  I would never expect a brand new client to be perfect with workouts and food in the first week.  We are running a marathon, not a sprint and changing your lifestyle means developing new habits.

Take one day at a time and do your absolute best each day.  Suddenly a few weeks will go by and a few pounds will come off.  Then a few months go by and you’re hitting the 20-30 pounds off.  Now that’s realistic progress, maintainable and exactly what you need for long term success!

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