Water Water Water!

October 28, 2014

Benefits of Water:
*Helps boost metabolism
*Lubricates and moisturizes joints
*Regulates body temp
*Helps convert food to energy
*Removes waste and toxins
*Helps body absorb nutrients
*Helps carry nutrients and oxygen to cells
*Improves productivity
*Natural remedy for headaches
*Relieves fatigue and improves mood
*Reduces cancer risk
*Improves fitness & performance
*Improves complexion & skin

These are just a few of the many benefits!!  Now why would you not drink water knowing how it will help your body and improve your life? It takes developing the habit of drinking more water, more often.  Shoot for 120oz a day (about a gallon)!

Helpful tips:
*Carry a water bottle everywhere you go.  Go get one of these S’well bottles! It’s my absolute favorite to take everywhere–perfect size, keeps water cold and fits in my purse and cup holder!

*Choose water instead of sweetened, calorie-filled drinks at home and when eating out. You can save yourself about 240 calories by choosing water instead of a 20oz soda.

*Keep a pitcher filled with water in your refrigerator.  Add some lemon, lime, cucumber or berries to make it more refreshing and help you drink more.

Check out this incredible hydration story:

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