Workout to Beat the Winter Blues

December 23, 2014

If you’re like me, this time of year is the toughest to stay motivated because the days are shorter, the weather is colder and we are bundled up in layers of clothing.  BUT, if you’re like me, you’re also dreaming of the summer days filled with sunshine, the beach and lots of outdoor fun!  SUMMER is coming so we should be preparing now 🙂 Don’t let the cold, dark days get you down.  There are several ways we can beat the winter blues, but my #1 suggestion is to WORKOUT. Working out not only burns calories, but it impacts your mood, helps clear your mind and improves your outlook on life.

Here’s a few of the ways I stay motivated and how my family, friends and clients stay healthy and fit during the winter.

My perspective this time of year is: use the extra time indoors to get in extra workouts and stay warm. I’d rather be running indoors, getting my weight training in and doing hot yoga when it’s freezing cold outside. I find that life seems to slow down a bit during the winter so I have some extra time each day–why not use it to get my workouts in or cook healthy food??

My sister shared that she stays motivated by noting each workout on her calendar.  She said that when she looks at her calendar, it’s motivating to see that she worked out several days. While Kristy (my sis) was preparing for her wedding, she made sure to get 4 workouts in every week and put each one on her calendar.  She told me it kept her going as she could see the workouts and months go by as she prepared for her wedding!

This leads to my next suggestion: find a race or event in the spring or summer that you can use the winter to prepare.  The upcoming event will help you stay on track as you know you have a goal date approaching.  Often you can find local run or bike groups that you can train with and that extra accountability will help as well.

Find a workout buddy, go regularly to a class at the gym or hire a trainer (I’d be happy to help).  Hiring a trainer can be especially helpful because we can set goals, hold you accountable, bring some added fun to your workouts and keep you motivated!

Just like this picture says, “You’re only 1 Workout away from a good mood!”

For more ideas and ways to beat the winter blues, check out this helpful article:

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