Excuse Me, Excuse You

January 27, 2015

Last week I had a client look at me and say “I’m sick of hearing my own excuses!” She proceeded to say, “You must be sick of hearing my excuses!” As hard as it is for me to hear, truth is the excuses are only hurting YOU–it’s your life that’s impacted. As a coach and personal trainer, my goal is to help clients be stronger than their excuses and minimize the challenges that come their way. Clients can apologize and guilt themselves into doing better, but that’s not really the answer.   Accepting that there will be setbacks, yet STILL pushing forward. Realizing that we are humans and not perfect, forgiving yourself and keeping on. Learning from mistakes and making a better decision next time–this is what life is all about. Progress NOT perfection! Keeping on!

I have been reading this awesome book called “The Daniel Plan” by Rick Warren, Daniel Amen and Mark Hyman. It teaches how to develop a healthy lifestyle from a Biblical perspective and it is powerful. GO read it ASAP if you really want a true lifestyle change! Something I read in there really struck me: “Everyone wants to be healthy, but very few people choose to be healthy. It takes more than desire or a dream to get healthy…it takes a DECISION. You won’t change until you CHOOSE to change. You don’t get healthy by accident. It’s intentional. It’s a choice. Actually, it’s a lifetime of choices, but it begins with a decision.”
As a personal trainer, I want so bad for every single one of my clients to be successful and reach their goals. But as much as I want it, my clients must want it more and that takes them deciding they want it.  I love this little picture quote because it’s true.  It’s me making decisions for my life and you making decisions for your life. At the end of the day “I” am the difference between fit and fat.  I have chosen to be fit and will continue to push towards my long term goals no matter what comes my way and whatever challenges I must overcome.

What are you going to choose? I’d love to help you on your journey to living healthy and fit, but in order to get lasting results, it takes you committing to make that your life. You can trust that I’ll be here cheering you on every single step of the way!

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