Sweet Success…Held Accountable

February 17, 2015

My name is Scott Flanagan, a native of Fort Wayne, Indiana and an avid artist/designer and basketball lifer. You might be wondering how I would be a blip on Julie’s radar. Long story short, I had the pleasure of meeting Julie at her sister’s wedding this past year. Through the course of conversation with her and her wonderful family, I started talking about the 50 pounds I had lost over the past four or so years. While I thought nothing of it, Julie was very interested in hearing my story and wanted me to contribute to her blog so that others could hear it as well.

I had been meaning to write this blog entry for quite some time, but had been very hesitant to do so. I am not a big proponent of ‘tooting one’s own horn,’ but even so, I was very intrigued in Julie’s offer and wanted to submit something. A few months had passed with this entry on my mind, struggling to come up with a good narrative on how I had gotten to where I was.

And then I realized that Valentine’s Day was coming up.

It is one of my favorite holidays, as I get to celebrate the beautiful woman whom I call my wife. I have been married to her for almost 10 years, and we have known each other before both of us were even in kindergarten. It was at this point that it occurred to me that losing 50 pounds was not due to my efforts alone, not by a long shot.

Fat Me with Hot Wife - 2008 copyAs I had stated before, I am a basketball lifer. Just under God and my family, lies the love of the game of basketball. I am a child of Indiana to be sure. But in 2010, at 245 pounds, I did not play much anymore at all. I loved playing, but the pain in my hips and legs coupled with the low stamina, kept me out of the game. I was miserable and my wife knew it. She had always tried to cheer me up and make sure that I knew I was loved no matter what. However, at this point in my life with my complaints about my weight and bleak outlook at my own health, she decided to take the kid gloves off. She started to push me to eat better and try to become more active. It was hard at first, but she never let me wander off course. She would tell me to eat smaller portions. She would tell me to wait 20 minutes to see if I was full. She would introduce A LOT of green on my plate, something I had never eaten much of in my life prior. She would ask me if I still wanted to lose weight when she would find fast food bags or brightly colored wrappers in the trash. She never let me falter, and never let me lose sight of what I wanted to accomplish. It was never easy, but as the months became years and I became more active, little by little the weight would come off.

Skinny Me & STILL Hot Wife - 2014 copy

As I sit here writing this blog, at a healthy 195 pounds, the lightest I have weighed since high school by the way, I can only come to one conclusion: I firmly believe I would not be nearly as healthy as I am without her by my side. One’s own will power alone will often times not get you all the way to your goal. For many of us, we need someone to help us stay the course and keep looking forward, an accountability partner. We all can find someone around us to help us along, and luckily for me, the love of my life is my accountability partner and is still my biggest cheerleader to this day.

To my wife, Cori: I love you dearly, and I want you to know that I am the luckiest man on earth. Thank you for everything you have done to help make me reach my potential, and be the healthy individual I am today.

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