It’s A Process

March 31, 2015

As I sat there Saturday morning, listening to one success story after another, I was reminded that success is the result of a process. We all know there is no magic pill or fast fix that will make us healthy, fit, energetic or skinny. BUT what I do know and continue to remind clients is that it’s a process of learning to implement healthy habits with food and exercise that will bring long term results!  When you fall in love with the process, it will drive your motivation and desire to continue. Continue the process and the results will come!

This has been the case for so many of my clients.  Many people start out sick, tired and unmotivated.  They know they need to change their eating habits and workout more, but they have no idea where to begin.  I am commonly asked, “when should I eat, how often and how much should I eat, how many days a week do I need to workout, what should I be doing when I workout, etc???”

One of the best parts of my job is helping create a roadmap for success for my clients.  We get a nutrition plan in place and we start working out and as time goes by, they begin to enjoy the process.  They start to feel more confident with making healthy food choices, they make time to exercise and as a result have more energy again! The weight comes off and they are feeling like a new person.  My goal as a trainer is that every client I have the opportunity to coach falls in love with the process so the results are long-lasting and almost addicting–in a good way 🙂

What’s keeping you from your goal?  Are you feeling sick, tired and unmotivated? If you’re focused on the scale number, you will continue to be paralyzed in frustration and fear of starting.  If you focus on your long term health, you will get results in the process.  Stop waiting…START the process!! I’d love to help on your journey!

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