Roll Your Pain & Stress Away!

March 17, 2015

Foam Rolling: it hurts SO good!  How can such an inexpensive piece of foam inflict so much pain, yet feel so good?  Why do we love and hate it at the same time?  That little roller digs in our muscles and releases the knots and tightness unlike anything else.  As the title of this blog post suggests, rolling is a fantastic way to eliminate your stress, pain and tightness.

If you’ve never used a roller before and have NO idea what to do with it, it’s your lucky day –Happy St. Patty’s Day 🙂  This past weekend I had the chance to share on Fox News how to use this tool.  You can check it out here:

What I’m reminded of daily as I train my clients, most everyone I know has some back pain, muscle that is extremely tight or shoulders that carry the stress of our day.  We live in constant pain without a clue that there is a tool (THE FOAM ROLLER) that can relieve our ailments.  So, stop living in pain and start rolling!  It can be used on your tight calves, it can be used to ease the pain in your back and shoulders. Just place it under your upper back or that tight muscle and let it dig. Feel the knots release just like when you get a massage.  Physical therapists and massage therapists use it for a reason and so should you!

To learn more about the roller, check out a prior blog I wrote:

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