It’s All About Them Weights

June 16, 2015

Did you workout today?  If so, what did you do?  My guess is that you went to the gym and ran, did the elliptical or some cardio machine for a good 30 minutes to an hour…You then did a few crunches and decided to hit the locker room. You grabbed some food on the way to work or home from work and then plopped on the couch for the evening. Does this describe you? Are you getting frustrated because you feel like you’re putting in work but getting no results?

What if I told you that was me 10 years ago? Believe it or not, the struggle was real for me and I had gained about 20 pounds from my college athlete/volleyball days. Sitting in an office day after day and going to the gym at night just to run or do cardio for 30-45 minutes was not helping me lose weight.  In fact, I was only adding weight and my pants were getting tighter :/

Finally, this trainer came up to me one night at the gym and asked if I ever did weight training. My immediate response was “Yes, in college. But I don’t want to get bulky so I’ll just stick to my cardio.”  Ha;) She then asked if I was getting results and like an idiot I just looked at her dumbfounded. “NO, actually I’m not” I told her. That night began one of the biggest changes in my life as I decided to  take her advice, signed up with a trainer and decided to give weight training another try.

Well, that sure started a chain reaction of inspiration, motivation and results!  I began losing weight almost immediately after I started training with my trainer.  We did arm exercises, legs and core work and I could feel my body getting stronger.  Within a couple of months, I was down several pounds and my coworkers were all asking what I was doing.  I had always been a healthy eater–vegetarian since 1st grade–so I didn’t really change my eating habits much.  I just started doing weight training with my trainer a couple of times a week and a couple of times on my own and BAM–my body was changing!!  I had been running and running for months, maybe years and hadn’t gotten results.  In just a few months of weight training, my body changed rapidly.

I became addicted to the training, enjoyed the feeling of being sore and I loved that I was getting challenged by my trainer. I had discovered the secret to success–Weight Training!! I continued training with trainers for about 5 years, loved every training session and kept having this feeling that I wanted to eventually become a trainer myself.  Not long after, I lost my job, decided I was done working in the corporate world and ready to make the leap!!  I wanted to motivate people, I wanted to challenge people to do more than they thought possible. I wanted to help change people’s lives!  I quickly decided to get certified and haven’t looked back 🙂

So, here I am today, running my own personal training and health coaching business and I get to do EVERYTHING I ever dreamed I could do to help people.  People, that’s a gift to do what you love every day and get paid for it!!!!!  I thank God for the opportunities He’s given me, the clients I get to motivate and the chance to support those around me.

And it’s All Because of the Weights…”I’m All ‘Bout Them Weights, No Treadmill” 🙂

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