Sweet Summertime!

June 2, 2015

Can you believe it’s the first week of June?!  Wow, we are almost halfway through 2015 already!  Where are you in relation to the goals you set for this year?  Summer is here and that means bathing suits, beach and lots of outdoor activities. It also means vacations and ALOT of temptations when it comes to healthy living.  If you’ve been working out and eating healthy all winter–getting ready for bathing suits, sleeveless shirts and shorts–you’re ready to enjoy summer.  If you’re like the average American, this is the time of year that makes your heart beat faster and you start to get nervous thinking about wearing a bathing suit for all to see you at the pool or the beach. BUT, I’m here to tell you there can be a different way. You CAN feel confident in that sleeveless dress or bathing suit.  It’s all about your priorities and how you spend your precious time.

Like this picture says, “Get fit in the gym and lose weight in the kitchen!” This is the truth. You will build muscle and transform your body by working out.  You will melt off the fat by eating clean and changing your diet.  Put the 2 together and you get maximum results 🙂 You could do all the workouts in the world, but if you don’t change how you’re eating, you can probably kiss real results goodbye.  Focus on the food (yep, that’s 80% of results) and you will be feeling better, looking better and losing weight more quickly. I can tell you that some of my clients have lost 20-30 pounds in just the past 2 months because they are eating so healthy and staying in control of what they eat.  A few of them can’t even work out because of bad knees/hips/etc.  So, just because you can’t work out right now, don’t let that prevent you from getting results!!!

Are you ready to make this the most successful summer yet? Make this the summer you stay in control, resist temptations and reach or maintain your health goals! Whether you’ve already reached your goals or you’re still working to reach them, keep pushing and stay focused. Results start when you do!

Happy Sweet Summertime 🙂

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