2 Days of Feasting, NOT 2 Months!

November 3, 2015

We are heading into the two most festive, family and fun filled months of the year!  It’s really the most wonderful time of year, but can also be challenging to stay healthy. We have a couple options for how we handle the holidays and I have a suggestion: enjoy 2 days of feasting, NOT 2 months!  It’s fun to celebrate Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day with our loved ones, enjoying the food we may not eat every day. Why not celebrate those 2 days and then get back to our normal, healthy routine the rest of November and December??  Just because there will be parties every weekend and more events than normal doesn’t mean we have to be the average American that gains 10 pounds during the next 2 months!!
I saw this quote the other day and it was a great reminder 🙂 We have to eat, but eating smart is an art that is learned.  We don’t just automatically know what healthy eating looks like. Most people I train and coach have no idea what macronutrients are and how much we should be eating per day. Learning to eat more lean protein, fewer white/simple carbs and a moderate amount of healthy fat is key #1. Spreading out our meals to smaller portions every couple hours is key #2. Drinking more water all day is key #3!

Doing the majority of the right stuff and eating smart throughout the next couple months will ensure your success so that when we hit January 2016, you can be celebrating that you either lost weight or maintained your weight.  If you want to be your healthiest going into 2016, you have to create your game plan now and follow through with it for the next 2 months.  It really is possible to enjoy the holidays and stay healthy. It’s your choice–choose wisely:)

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