Feast Mode: Off Beast Mode: On

December 1, 2015

Now that Thanksgiving is over, it’s time to get back to our routines and cut the feasting.  One day was enough for me 🙂  I saw this catchy little phrase this past weekend and it stuck with me.

“Feast Mode: Off   Beast Mode: On”

I really like thinking about it this way because it’s much more motivating. Today is the 1st day of December and the last month of 2015. What do you want to accomplish before the new year rolls around? Do you have a plan for how to successfully finish the year? We really have 2 choices at this point and I challenge you to think about what you want to do before the New year!

Option #1: Continue to indulge in the food and alcohol and use this time of year as an excuse to party the month away and potentially pack on a few pounds.
Option #2: Get back to your healthy routine again and make the most of December so you feel great going into January.

It’s totally your choice how you finish out this year but I can guarantee you I’m going with option 2 and would love for you to join me as well! Let’s finish this year better than we started. For me that will look like making sure I’m getting all my healthy snacks and meals in each day and getting a workout in at least 5x week. Filling up on lean protein, drinking a gallon of water a day and no added sugar/sweets during the week except for an occasional treat on the weekends. I have cleared out all sugar, desserts and any sweet treats so I have NO temptations to ruin my plan.

I want to feel my best going into 2016 so I’m choosing to focus on my health even during the most festive and fun time of year! Just because I have health goals doesn’t mean I can’t attend holiday parties or have to miss out on all the fun. I’ll just be focusing on the people rather than the food, drinking sparkling water instead of wine and drinking tons of water. Don’t use this month as an excuse to be like the average person and gain 5 pounds. Be an inspiration to others that you can be healthy and still have fun! Here’s to a fun and success-filled December!

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