What’s In Your Lunchbox?!

August 28, 2016

It’s the day before school starts and you’re already panicking about all the details that come with school starting, getting back in a routine, packing lunch and getting up extra early to make sure you’re ready for the big day. Or you’re a mom/dad who has kids in school and you have no idea what should go in a lunchbox for your kid so you throw in a bag of goldfish, some Doritos and a juice box. Last option is you’re a busy corporate executive who has no time to eat so you just run to the closest fast food restaurant so you can eat a big mac and diet coke as you run to your next meeting. Do you relate to any of these scenarios?? Sound familiar?
If so, you probably want to keep reading! In our fast-paced world, convenience is king and whatever is easiest is the best option we think. We have no time to prepare and plan ahead so we seem to fly by the seat of our pants. This is especially true when it comes to food. Right now, let’s talk about lunch and how to make this one meal nutritious, satisfying and a tasty part of your day.

How do you prepare and put together a healthy lunch you’re asking? Start by thinking through this on the weekends and preparing your protein for the week. Either buy chicken, fish, cans of tuna, eggs, greek yogurt, cottage cheese, etc.  Have enough so that you can throw around 4-6 oz in your lunch–in a wheat wrap or over a bed of greens. Then make sure you also buy a veggie tray or pre-washed and cut veggies that can be added to the salad or on the side. Same goes for fruit. Keep all this is in your frig ready to go.

The morning of your school day or work day, grab an insulated lunch box/bag and stick a frozen ice pack in there. Throw in some plastic utensils and then start by filling a plastic or glass divided container like the one pictured with your greens, veggies, protein and fruit. You probably want to add in some avocado or nuts on your salad or as a side to get some healthy fats. For you or your kids, throw in some peanut butter or yogurt to add a little sweetness to the lunch. Skip all the cookies, candy and chocolate unless you want to be on a sugar high all afternoon. You don’t need all the empty carbs like crackers and chips either. For yourself, make sure you keep some healthy salad dressing in your bag (like balsamic vinegar) so you can add this to your salad when you get to work.

Lunch time rolls around and you run to the frig at the office or your kids grab their lunchbox and have a healthy, filling and delicious lunch ready to go! 🙂 No fast food needed. No lunch $ for the kids either. Simple and much healthier!

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