Quitting the Diet Mentality

December 13, 2016

It’s almost a NEW YEAR! Guess what that means??? Yep, it’s time to lose a few pounds and start getting healthy right? What “diet” are you about to jump on board with as January approaches? If you’re like the average American who is going to gain 3-10 pounds right now, you’re probably already considering and looking into what “diet” is going to help you lose the dreaded “holiday pounds”!

Can I suggest a better way? A more balanced approach if you will!! There’s NO way to successfully maintain your weight loss unless you make it a new LIFESTYLE. Instead of the “all or nothing” mentality, what about finding a balanced way of life? It’s more about making healthy decisions the majority of the time (remember the 80/20 Rule?) 🙂  If you can eat healthy 80% of the time, you’ll find you’re much more successful long-term!

The word “cheating” is exactly what a diet mentality calls it when you fall off, eat a dozen cookies or eat the entire bag of chips. But we ALL choose to eat less nutritious food sometimes. It’s just where we all choose to draw that line. Find a line that lets you indulge a bit without going overboard and causing you to gain weight. If you’ve been talking with me lately or are one of my clients, you know my favorite word right now is BALANCE!  It’s because we all need to find a little balance, especially as we approach a NEW YEAR!  Don’t fall into the diet mentality of “all or nothing.” Rather, what about finding a healthy, sustainable BALANCED lifestyle that allows you to enjoy life without feeling guilty 24/7 because you “cheated” again?!

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