My Journey…10 Years in the Making! Part 1

April 28, 2017

This time 10 years ago I was sitting in an office everyday staring at Excel spreadsheets on my computer. Office worker by day, gym rat by night! Ha, seriously I was going to the gym almost every night after work hitting the cardio machines for 45 minutes to an hour. I was a regular at the gym in high school, college and even after college. However, after college I noticed something happening…my clothes were getting tight and I had to start buying bigger work pants. Sitting in a chair all day was not only making my booty grow, but I wasn’t feeling good and my college volleyball body was disappearing 🙁

I didn’t know what to do to fix my problem, but thankfully one of the trainers at the gym came up to me one night and asked me a question that I now realized changed MY LIFE!!!  She asked me if I had ever tried weight training?? I quickly responded “No way, that will make me bulky!!!” Who relates?? Yea, I worried that the weight training would make me more muscular and I’d look like a bodybuilder. Thankfully this trainer was persistent and convinced me to try working out with her just a couple of days a week.

So, here’s where life began to change!  I sat down with the trainer and we laid out my goals, a workout plan and how I would achieve them. That was in September 2007. I listened to her advice, started strength training 3x week and improved my eating habits. AND an awesome thing started happening–I began to lose weight and was getting more lean!! Within just over 5 months I had lost 9 pounds and 5% body fat!!! I was shrinking and it felt SO good!!! My coworkers were asking me what I was doing. My trainer Regina and I talked about both our dreams (her building her training business) and little did she know I was dreaming of escaping the office and getting into the fitness world myself 🙂

As a vegetarian, I had to clean up and refine my eating habits. Thanks to the increased weight training, my appetite increased drastically. Instead of eating more carbs (apple or banana and PB have always been my go-to), I started adding more protein at each meal, more eggs and egg whites, cottage cheese and greek yogurts for my snacks, protein shakes as my dessert at night. I made sure I was eating every 3 hours to keep my metabolism fueled and realized that my body needed that extra protein to repair and rebuild the muscles.

So, for the next 3-4 years I continued training with several different trainers–soaking in their training styles, figuring out what type of trainer I wanted to be when the day came!  I look back now on those days, as I planned a way to escape the corporate world, with such gratefulness for ALL the trainers who helped me along the way. Every gym, every trainer, every workout providing the inspiration that has shaped me today!

To be continued…Part 2 coming soon:)

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