My Journey…Part 2!

May 16, 2017

In October 2010, I found myself unemployed, 27 years old and SO ready to begin following the real passion God had put inside me. Two years before this, I had switched from the Finance world to Real Estate hoping that would get me out of the office and enjoying a new challenge. Well, that was not a good time to be in Real Estate so once the bottom started falling out in Charlotte, I lost my job in new home sales. When my manager came out to the model home where I worked, I vividly remember our conversation as he told me I was getting “let go”. He asked if I would be ok, I quickly responded “Yes, I’m going to be JUST fine”!!!

This is where the real transformation in my life began. As an unemployed 20 something ready to take on the world, I weighed several options for new careers. Spent lots of time praying and asking my family and friends what they saw me doing. Everyone’s response was the same: fitness and nutrition of course!  So, I decided personal training was what God had for my future and began studying for the NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine) certification. I LOVED learning, LOVED seeing how I would be able to help others and what is possible for people. By June 2011, I had passed the certification exam and couldn’t have been more excited for what the future held!

Now I just needed a job doing personal training! 🙂 God provided that summer and thanks to my grandfather seeing an ad (about the size of a quarter) in the Charlotte Observer, I got connected to a brand new fitness franchise expanding to Charlotte. An all women’s gym/training studio in Ballantyne called Get in Shape for Women. I quickly fell in love with my new “job” training and helping ladies transform. It sure didn’t seem like a job compared to my days sitting in an office staring at 4 walls;)

During those 2 and 1/2 years at Get in Shape, I learned a ton about exercise, group training, nutrition coaching and how to help people get results. I even managed the studio for a while but quickly realized I belonged on the training floor–hands on and training clients. This stepping stone “job” was the platform that launched me starting my own company Japple Fitness LLC, which I created in January 2014.  I wanted to be able to help everyone (not just women) transform, guide clients how I learned to best help them and dive deeper into the nutrition world. I knew nutrition coaching needed to be a MUCH bigger part of my role as a trainer so I took the leap and started on my own that January!

Life was becoming more adventurous with every new year and new opportunity! Leaving the corporate world was scary, but leaving the world of being an employee was even more risky so it would seem right? However, I’ll tell you that I really began to feel like I was LIVING and not just surviving.  My days became more about trusting God to provide and lean on Him to open doors and give me direction. As my business became a reality and started to grow, my life became an adventure filled with so many rewarding days and SO much more fun!!!

To be continued…Final Part 3 coming soon!

10 thoughts on ““My Journey…Part 2!”

    • Julie Post author

      Always a journey and hope to encourage others along the way!! Hope you’re doing well friend! 🙂

  • Debbie Opheim

    What you have accomplished is amazing. You are an inspiration to everyone who is fortunate enough to know you. Rock on girl!!!

      • Debbie

        While reading this, I can ‘hear’ your voice and passion as if you were still standing in the studio in Massachusetts when I first met you! I knew then, that you would be successful as your passion and sincerity in helping others was so evident!

        I cannot wait to read part 3 and future posts.

        • Julie Post author

          Those were some fun days up with you in Massachusetts 🙂 Thankful we got to connect then and even more thankful for all your encouragement along the way!!!!

  • Aly

    Julie, you are an inspiration. I knew when I met you years ago that you were one kick ass lady. I’m now happy to work with you & to call you a friend. Keep
    Going Girl!

    • Julie Post author

      Thx so much Aly!!! You’re awesome and also so glad we met and now get to work together! It’s the best sharing the same passions and goals:)

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