Embrace the Journey

October 24, 2017

Frantic, Running, Fast as possible. Just keep up! This describes my life the past couple years!!!

Forced Gift of time, rest and powerful lessons! This describes my life the past week!!!!

I’m not a person that loves change, nor do I like down time. I prefer to be on the go, have a to-do list and check things off. I like being busy but is busy the best thing for us??

About a week ago, my schedule slowed considerably as I’m not teaching fitness classes right now. To have about 6-8 hours each week available, my first inclination was to fill it with new fitness classes as SOON as possible. But you know what, as I’ve explored opportunities, nothing fits my passion or aligns exactly with my goals. So, what do you do when life changes and your schedule opens up??

This is where “Embrace the Journey” keeps ringing in my head! There’s a reason for closed doors so you can walk through new open doors. I’m learning to embrace every bit of my journey and be thankful for the forced gift of extra time! Time to invest in my family, friends, clients, my nutrition business and build a stronger foundation so I can help even more people on the journey ahead.

Thanks to a precious clients recommendation, I’ve started listening {on Audible because I’m not a reader} to the book Present over Perfect by Shauna Niequist. It’s life-changing and opening my eyes to a more calm way of life. Not living frantically but listening to what God is leading and choosing wisely what and where you invest your time. I’m not defined by how many things I can check of the list or how many things I can squeeze in my day. Rather, it’s about being present with those you love and capitalizing on every opportunity you have to share your time with family, friends and clients.  HIGHLY recommend reading this book if you haven’t!!!! 🙂

So, what’s ahead on my journey is what people are asking me these days??  We shall see;) I do know the next 2 months are a season of learning to rest in His plan, learning to be patient and enjoying {just a little extra} time I’ve been given.  Right now I’m loving training my private personal training clients and so blessed to get to help hundreds of people on the nutrition side. I’ll be back teaching classes after the holidays I am sure and I’ll be back stronger and better than ever as I embrace this journey!


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