About Julie Apple, 
NASM & TRX Certified

As the owner of Japple Fitness, I have the opportunity to live out my passion by coaching clients to pursue a healthier and more active lifestyle that brings life changing results! Every single person has goals and challenges and the fitness/health journey is different for everyone. My goal is to push clients to the next level while teaching how to maintain a balance in workouts and healthy nutrition. The first step is reaching a fitness goal and the next step is learning to maintain that goal. The fad diets and extreme workouts will never be maintainable so I teach clients what is needed to reach their goals, maintain balance and still live life to the fullest! Whether a beginner or advanced athlete, I provide personal training and nutrition coaching programs to help meet individual, group and family needs so that everyone experiences the life changing benefits of eating healthy and working out.

I am a NASM Certified Personal Trainer, TRX Certified TrainerNASM Fitness Nutrition Specialist and Certified Health Coach. I played college volleyball and currently play USTA (United States Tennis Association) tennis each week when I am not training clients. Over the past several years, my passion for fitness developed into a full-time career and I have now been helping family, friends and clients achieve a healthier lifestyle for 15 years. With extensive experience coaching weight loss clients and my background in the athletic/competitive world, I love training beginners and athletes. You can rest assured that if you’re motivated and committed, I will help you get results and reach your goals!


“Achieving your optimal health is my passion! By combining the right workout for you and developing a healthy nutrition plan, we can reach your health goals. Through ongoing support, encouragement and accountability, we can achieve long-term success!” ~Julie

What comes easy won't last; what lasts won't come easy.