“We all need someone who inspires us to do better than we know how.”


Nancy: Age 48Nancy before and after

Over the years I have struggled with my weight.  I have been on diet after diet and system after system.  When I began working with Julie last February, my goal was to lose weight and inches.  But she taught me so much more!  She helped me see that the exercise was just a part of the equation.  Really, what I was putting into my body was the bigger factor.  When I began to start a routine of cardio and weight training, coupled with good nutrition, I not only started losing weight, but I had more energy and felt better in general.  When I began to eat food that was “cleaner”- without all the additives- my stomach issues began to disappear.  In fact, I had been taking medication for the past 15 years, but since I began to eat better and be more consistent with exercise, I was able to stop taking the medication.  I am so thankful for this.

Our whole family has attempted to live a healthier lifestyle.  With teenagers, it’s a bit more difficult, but   we are all trying to focus on exercise and nutrition… we aren’t perfect, but at least we are aiming at something positive.  As for me physically, I can tell a difference when I don’t watch what I eat- all the additives really make me feel different.   An example of a change in mindset for me is the fact that in years past I would scoff at my husband when he would suggest going on a walk on my birthday.  It was my birthday and I didn’t want to do something I didn’t see as fun!  Well, this past birthday I was the one who suggested working out and I even looked forward to it! I am hopeful that with what Julie has taught me that I can continue moving forward toward the goal of living a healthy life.


Claire before and after

Claire: Age 39

It has been such a gift to work with Julie Apple on my nutrition and fitness goals the last eight months. With four kids, I have struggled to get in to a long term fitness routine and maintain weight loss. I “knew” what I needed to do, but could never quite make it a long term lifestyle. I lacked the motivation to get to the Y or do fitness videos on my own and finding discipline in the kitchen was even harder. I decided to call Julie and make the financial investment to have one on one accountability with food and exercise. We began with two days a week of training in my home combined with meal planning. Julie helped me make a food plan that was manageable with my busy family and that I would be able to stick to. I started to look forward to our workouts and saw success on the scale. Julie helped me achieve my goal of losing weight, but more importantly getting me to a place where I feel strong and look forward to working out! I am now working out five days a week and still meal planning each week. Most of all, Julie is such an encouragement and a great motivator. She is on time, fun to be with, and firm to keep me on track! When I was struggling, she was always there to check in and help me over the hump. I’m very thankful for Julie and the way she helped me achieve my goals in a healthy, sustainable way.


Andi: Age 47

My weight has been a lifelong struggle. I’ve had great success losing weight with Weight Watchers and other programs and even greater success at putting the weight back on. My journey with Julie began about 5 years ago at the “old, old gym”. I worked out with a guy who was super fit and pushed me too hard. I repeatedly injured myself and I didn’t see a lot of results for the hours of effort I spent at the gym. The gym became a place of frustration for me and I’d end up looking around between my sets and I noticed a tall, curly haired woman who was there most evenings when I was. She was in great shape and she seemed to really enjoy her workouts. On one of the last nights I went to the “old, old gym” before I moved to the “new gym” I said hello to this woman as I was walking out of the gym. Julie and I have been friends ever since! Soon Julie joined the new gym as well. It wasn’t uncommon to hop on a treadmill or a rowing machine next to one another and catch up. During this time I was working out with a personal trainer and Julie was pursuing her dream of becoming a certified personal trainer. Julie achieved her dream and while I got stronger, I still did not see a lot of results for my efforts.

Fast forward to January 2014, I had moved on to the Y but I wasn’t going consistently and my eating was way out of control. I received a note from my friend Julie asking if I was still working out with my trainer, if not, she’d love to train me. In the past 12 months I’ve lost almost 30 pounds and 22 inches. I work out with Julie once a week, am a regular at spin class at the Y 3 days a week and try to get in another day or two of strength training. My journey will never be over but with Julie’s help, here are some things I learned along the way:

· Abs really are made in the kitchen!

· When I eat clean I feel a whole lot better.

· I have a toxic relationship with sugar. If I have it, I cannot stop thinking about it 24/7 and I make a lot of bad food choices because of it. It takes me about 3 tough days of going cold turkey before I stop thinking about it. My life is a lot better without sugar.

· Giving myself a little grace is good. I can’t beat myself up if I indulge in foods I know will not help my weight loss efforts. Giving myself too much grace can lead to extra pounds. I need to get right back on track when I fall off the wagon.

· I am way stronger than I think I am. Julie knows it and I’m starting to understand it. I’ve realized that I am capable of doing anything an instructor tells us to do in a group class. My new motto is “Do NOT underestimate me!”

Julie is the whole package when it comes to personal training. She’ll help you create healthy eating strategies, she’ll hold you accountable, she’ll create a custom workout to meet your ability, push you and modify for any physical limitations you may have. Equally important, she is once of the kindest people you will ever meet and she truly cares about all her clients. I feel very fortunate to have Julie‘s help along my personal journey.


Joanne: Age 38

My experience with Julie Apple has been exceptional. In just a few weeks, I had a significant improvement in core strength, as well as a 10% loss in weight and inches. Best of all, Julie customizes each workout for me…from exercise to music…so they are always fun and challenging!